This musical performance is entirely acoustic and takes different forms depending on where it takes place and with the age and instrumentation of the musicians. 
Playing from the balconies and windows of a courtyard, or from the staircases or different floors of an interior, the musicians surround the public with a long held note.
The interpretation of ensemble music does not only call for individual instrumental virtuosity but also for non-verbal communication between musicians. The physical attitude of each musician, his physical involvement in his interaction with the members of the group and his determination to belong to this collective in action constitute the essence of a group’s internal life.
These reflections are at the base of this musical this musical performance which involves at least ten musicians. The interpreted music is based on a chord that evolves between dissonance and harmony.

/ performances passées

      • «Art’s Birthday», Freibourg-im-Brisgau, 2016

      • Festival «Les Féebulleuses», Privas, 2015

      • Inauguration de l’espace culturel «La Ferme Dupuich», 2015

      • «Mémoire et Paraphrase» Frac Franche-Comté, 2014 

      • «L’Orchestre11*12/1211- 1percu-cordes 21220», 2011

      • Performance avec l’école de musique de Cēsīs, Izklausās pēc mākslas, Lettonie, commissaire Dace Resele, 2010