The installation « Vibrations » was created for an old cool-house in Wattwiller. This cellar has now been given other usages but continues to garantee freshness, as it is located underground and by a stream.
An ice wall, more specifically a wall of the image of ice, welcomes the spectator in this retreat, far away from external turmoil.
Powerful sounds come out of this wall : those producted by cracks on a frozen lake, recorded in the Vosges mountains by Marc Namblard, a nature recording specialist. The sounds are unaltered but nevertheless do not recall anything known of our environment : wiry, jerky, distorted sounds.
The exiguity of the space and its peculiar acoustic give a particular power to what seem to be frozen words.
A landscape of ice often lies in silence and stillness. Here, the landscape is virtually drawn by stroken vibrations.