Symphonic Aphony

Symphonic Aphony is a dreamt concert, in which fragments of a musical and cinematic discourse are stitched together through sounds and images, the visual components being woven with the thread of sound that the ear follows. Within a single space of permanent transition, a warehouse where the vectors of sound remain suspended in time in spite of attemps to communicate, the outline of an incoherent memory path seems to appear. Dissociation of image and sound projects the movement into space. This space, in turn, becomes musical time, as if the surrounding vacuity was uttering the discourse as well as the difficulty to abolish distances. Yet life creeps in, through comical touches: rain strains the tubist’s breath, cold requires the flute to be warmed up, a limping man extracts sounds from an accordion. From a loudspeaker, a distant voice revives a melodic continuity which marginally reminds of a latent symphony.

Production Le Fresnoy 2011

/ projections passées

-Première le 8/06/2011 au Fresnoy, Tourcoing
-Exposé au CEAAC, Strasbourg 15/09/2011-16/10/2011
-Visible en ligne au Streaming Festival, La Hague, 1-18/12/2011
-Festival du film vidéo, AVIFF, Cannes, 04/2012
-International Film Festival, Espinho, Portugal, 01-08/07/12
-Évènement Arts Numériques,, Strasbourg, 10/2012
-Naoussa International Film Festival,, Naoussa, Grèce, 26-30/09/12
Les 25es Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques, Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille, 9/11/12
-Saison Video 3-16/12/12